seattle reading

On Wednesday, Oct 26, I'll be in Seattle for a reading of my new feature script BEHAVE. I am so excited and so flattered to be included in this awesome new series, which is part of the Seattle International Film Festival. Details and tickets here. 


I always make a playlist for writing projects, which I listen to over and over while writing, usually to the point of growing to hate all the songs. But it keeps me honest, tonally, and also makes going back months later to rewrite much easier, as I can step back into how I think the world feels just by pressing play. 

This playlist is for a new feature called BEHAVE. It's about a recently divorced pharmaceutical rep who finds herself stuck in a better parallel version of her own life. 

UP parade of partners

Urban Pathways is working to end homelessness in New York City, and this year I was asked to speak at their gala. But I was given only one minute to explain why the organization matters so much to me. 

I go on at 4:45.

interview with josey

Last week I got an incredible series of DMs on the film's twitter page from a 15-year-old girl in Minnesota named Josey. 

She wrote: "I find it so inspiring and fantastic that you put in the effort to create what looks like such a beautiful piece of artwork. I wish that one day I will be able to have my own little epic adventure in creating art." 

This is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. So I asked if we could do a joint interview via skype. 

from homeless to housing

Urban Pathways is a social service agency in NYC that helps homeless adults find stability, dignity and hope. I've been volunteering with them since 2005, and UP has everything to do with why I wrote a feature about outreach workers. 

Alexis and I made this video for their gala, and I both edited and was interviewed for it. I think it gives a great sense of just how needed and well-run the organization is. 

hannah and her sister

My wonderful friend Lee Manansala has a new web series called A One and A Two.

Check out episode 1 below, where I play the Hannah of Hannah and her Sister. 


MOVEMENT AND LOCATION is one of those things where, now that I'm months out from production, I just can't believe it happened. It's surreal. It was an epic, non-stop anxiety nightmare, and also the hardest I've ever worked, and also now the thing in my life of which I am most proud.

We're submitting to film festivals. All my fingers are crossed.