just feels good

I edited a music video for Imani Coppola from her new album Hypocrites. The whole album is amazing, and you can get it here: http://fanlink.to/Hypocrites

I always laugh at that lost hat at 2:12. 

Imani is a true artist with a generous heart, and one of my favorite collaborators. I edited this video for her song AVE MARIA a few years ago. 

And she recently had a role in the trailer I directed for Brian Platzer's novel BED-STUY IS BURNING.

She also composed, performed, and produced an important piece of MOVEMENT AND LOCATION, the ass-kicking banger Don't Skip A Beat. Lyrics were incorporated into the script, Cat Missal as Rachel sang a few lines, and then the song itself played over the credits. It was my anthem for that project and will be one of my top five songs for the rest of my life.